Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day two, building

Hi all,

We are in the middle of Day 2 of our building, inserting the window frames and now placing bricks between them. Not quite as busy as yesterday, which is a relief as most of us were dead tired last night.

The classroom we are building will be part of a high school in the village of Bbira. One of the construction workers grew up in a Watoto village. Currently students must move to a new village when they reach high school level, as not all villages have a high school. For children already orphaned, this creates another painful separation. It is good to picture this school impacting future children so they can remain in the same family unit all the way through their education years.

We had fun with a group of kids at lunch today who helped Isaac look for lizards. No lizards, but plenty of piggyback rides and fun times. Gotta get back to bricklaying now!



  1. Saturday Night - Watoto time -
    Elsbeth indicated that there is temporarily no access to a PC or the internet, so it will be a couple of days before she can update this blog. Stay tuned, and we should hear of their trek to the source of the Nile River!

  2. Dear all
    Good to see you all on the pictures. Have a good time together
    Alberthe, Holland

  3. Dear workers,
    the wall is growing and we see the windows. We have a song about that: doors and windows that are open to peace, open to meet the others in the world. From a basis of a good home (house) in Christ.
    You are going strong!
    with Love, Anet from Holland