Thursday, June 11, 2009

How it all started..........

Summer 2008, Stephanie and John started the planning and reached out to SVPC members to find out who is interested to join them on a mission trip to Watoto Uganda June 2009!

And so it began. Now an inter-generational group of 16, all connected through SVPC are going to Watoto Uganda to sponsor and build a class room for Watoto, a children's town where orphans and widows find a family style living and an opportunity to grow and learn in a save environment with the intend to build the leaders of a peaceful future for Uganda!

We want to be there to be part of this wonderful opportunity. And get to know the village, the children, the women, the teachers and all the workers and supporters. We feel previliged, adventurous, amazed, curious, and committed to learn, help and experience, and be in a supportive community with the people in Watoto and Uganda.

Watoto is a village where orphans because of war or AIDS find a family style living with their usually widowed mother, to learn, grow, live and be community to growup to be peacebuilders and leaders of a healthy and peaceful community in Africa.

What a privilige to be part of this mission, this adventure, this trip and this community. We pray for safe travels, for all involved in this wonderful mission and trip, let it show and enlighten God's Work and Kingdom right here with us.

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  1. Fantastic! Looking forward to news from afar!