Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday June 26th - leaving Kampala

And now it has come to our final day in our Guesthouse in Kampala.
We packed and had breakfast followed by our devotionals focused on John, where we reflected on how we are pruned to produce fruit in God's plan. We reflected on how that applied to us this week and as we go back to California.

We did a feedback session with Adrew our Watoto Guide, filled out some feedback cards for Visit Africa and the Watoto Church. We also had time to play some more card games, Uno and Nerds were the favorite games of the weeks besides the chess games with the games sets we had purchased in Uganda with their beautiful animal designs.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye to our wonderfull guest house staff Doris, Janette, Annete and Florence. They had been our hosts, cooks and did our laundry as needed, they were always friendly and helpful, and as we were the very first guests in our new Myenga guesthouse, this had been a new experience together for them too. We took our final pictures on the porch with everyone, packed the cars and left for the Entebbe Airport.

We are now in Dubai in the VIP launch as we are waiting for our connecting flight early Saturday morning. With their computer access we can update our blog, but not our pictures, so we'll add them as soon as we are back in California!

We loved your comments along the way, and it has been fun to know that many of you were able to follow our wonderful mission experience in Watoto Uganda.
We pray for all the people we met that touched our lives, that their visions and dreams my come true as they continue to walk with God and be blessed by it. We also pray for safe travels on the final leg home to SFO!


  1. Wow, we SO enjoyed following your whole experience via your Blog....we didn't even realize we could make comments until tonight! We prayed for you everyday, and were warmed by reading of your sojourns. We are so happy to welcome you home tomorrow!
    --Terri, Chuck, Tyler and Ellie (Erin's family)

  2. its been so great to have followed your trip from afar -- looking forward to hearing more in person upon your return!

    Steve Harrington