Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday June 23rd

Today we woke up at 4:30.... it was interesting! But worth it since we drove the six hours to the safari place. Along the way we drove on a road that had approximately a billion speed bumps in a one mile stretch. We stopped to look at the most powerful waterfall in Uganda! It was amaaaaazing except the titsi fly attacks began then. After that, we took a ferry across the Nile and saw a herd of elephants on the other side. Mark has a crush on Steven the bus driver.

Then we got to have lunch at the hotel, which was delicious and the hotel is so cool! Our keys are in the shape of little wooden hippos. Then we swam. Pretty sure the water was straight from the river. We left for our first safari drive and got to sit on top of the van to look at all the animals... WE SAW SIMBA!!!!!!!! And also Pumba. Steven offroaded a whole bunch to get us a better view, it was sweet. Dinner was also good. Desserts were weird. Pineapple was epic.

I'm tired.
-Mark. Slash Erin.

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