Monday, June 22, 2009

Third Building Day (Fri June 19th)

Our day started with John 10:7-16 about the Good Shepherd. It is hard to believe this was the last day of building! Certainly at this point we have mastered our brick-laying skills! Laying bricks up on a scaffolding balanced on, you guessed it, bricks, was a fun adventure, as was throwing the muchanga up high (that is the Lugandan word for mortar!). We were able to get two walls of the classroom 5 rows above the window line as well as several internal walls well on their way. We actually finished our work slightly ahead of schedule.
We returned to a continued lack of water and began our foray into advanced sponge bathing. We had to make haste as the Watoto staff sponsored a dinner for us at a nearby hotel with a French restaurant. We met Pastor Eddie and his wife Martha. The meal was a lovely mushroom chicken, mixed vegetables, french fries (yes), french bread and a dessert of fresh fruits inlcuding passion fruit and stawberry ice cream. And if that were not enough, Elsbeth had arranged for a visit by the head of an organization called Mempro which is aimed at empowering young women and raising their self esteem. Ms. Hilda Tandria brought a short DVD that explained the aims of the program and showed the staff, volunteers and some of the clients served by the program. It was a long and blessed day! Today's update brought to you by Jennifer Hanlon

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