Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday Watoto Church Central

A great day at Watoto Central.....

On Sunday morning, we got to go to the ten o’clock service at Watoto Church Central in Kampala. Formerly known as Kampala Pentecostal Church, Watoto was an extremely lively and exciting church service complete with an amazing choir and enthusiastic preacher. Some things were definitely a little different than at Sunnyvale Pres... ha!

After the service, we got in the bus and drove to Bbira village, where we had been working during the week, for a traditional lunch in some of the houses with several groups of orphans and their housemothers. We were warned ahead of time about the food, but it turned out to be delicious and the kids and mothers were so sweet and hospitable. Later we also got to play outside with some of the children, give them the toys and gifts we brought with us, and I even got to meet the famous Moses (the first baby at the Bullrushes)!

In the afternoon, we had some rest at the guest house before going to a traditional African dance show. It was really cool with all the drums and crazy costumes, minus the longwinded “comedian” and unexpected storm that moved everyone inside... but then we got to watch the women balance like seven pots on their head and dance! WOO! And then we left. Good day 

-Erin (and Mark a little bit)

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