Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday June 25th back to the Guesthouse

On Thursday, it was time to wake up early with breakfast, and pack our bags back in the cars for our ride back to Kampala and our Guesthouse for a final night there.

A trip of six hours and starting with a prayer for safe travels, Stephen and Jackson (the drivers) brought us safely back to Kampala. It started our with unpaved roads with some baboons still greeting us along the way, beautiful views along the way, and many small villages, schools, and small stores where people sell their goods.

As we were getting closer to Kampala the traffic increased and the roads improved, and we were back in town for lunch together and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the guesthouse with showers, re-packing for our final return home.

After dinner we walked to our favorite icecream store Ciao, and then closed the day with sharing our highlights and key moments of the weeks together while we were working, learning and being receiced with some much hospitality in the Watoto villages, the church and our questhouse. Highlights included Bulrushes with the baby orphans, lunch with the moms/kids at their homes, Sunday service, meeting our sponsored children, Building our class room in Bbira side by side with the workers and learning from them how to build and more about their lives, Safari, visiting the other village Suume with their vocational schools (sowing, catering, woodworking (the cribs for Bullrushes), and learning about the Watoto work in Watoto Central and the cells distributed North, East, South and West and in Gulu where they now also have churches and small group work, the dinner with paster Edi and his wife Martha in the nice restaurant, and all the moments were were able to be with the watoto kids, people, our guide and Stephen our wonderful and always friendly driver....

We were feeling good about all we had been able to do and experience, it feels sad that the Uganda experience and our Watoto weeks are coming to an end. Elsbeth

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